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My mess is my message

Dear Visitor,

I share my story not for sympathy but to share my journey from the ashes to the shining light that I am today to my children, friends,  family and business owners!

I was raised by mother after my father left us when I was not even 2 years old. She worked her ass off to support me with out the help of my father. I was in a new school almost every year my entire youth until dropping out in the 11th grade and crushing the GED test with record scores. You see, I was way too smart for my own good, that combined with moving from school to school and many poor choices on my part, spelled disaster for my chances at a normal education. As a troubled teen I put my poor mother through hell! I was placed on probation at the age of 14, I promptly blew that chance and graduated to full blown prison time by age 15. My poor mom had to visit me 500 miles away from our home for my 16th birthday. Upon my paroled release I borrowed my moms car, without her permission, and found myself on my own just two weeks after my 17th birthday. She had enough and sent me packing! I don't blame her one bit after all the shit I pulled! I continued on this path of self destruction for the next 10 years BUT...

Fast forward 30 years and I have survived  addiction, depression, a motorcycle wreck that shattered my back, almost losing my youngest son in an accident, a bad divorce, to rise above it all and let my light shine through it all. I have a thriving life, business and  three happy, healthy, and amazing children that I continue to be a lighthouse for everyday!

As for My career in the corporate world, I have traveled all over the world installing software in banking institutions globally for a large publicly traded company. I have owned , bought, sold, and operated three successful technology companies. I have risen to the rank of "Director of Information Technology" for another 6 billion dollar publicly traded company.

I live every day  of my life filled with gratitude. I am here to help and serve those all those who seek to better themselves, the lives they touch and their businesses.

Blessed to be here,

Alex Ramer


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