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Life Coaching Results

Our marriage needed some guidance so we turned to Alex for help. He gave us the tools to communicate better and some exercises to help remind us of all the love we have had in our 11 years of marriage.

We did phone sessions via Face Time. Alex does not take sides he was there for both of us. He has led us to a happy and healthier way of coping when things get stressful. He continues to check in with us just to make sure our anchor is secure. 

Thank you Alex!


Stephanie & Jay

U.S. Virgin Islands


Alex will help you with the tools you need to get to where you’d like to be and beyond! The biggest change for me since coaching with Alex is my mindset shift. He really took the time to break down situations from my past and helped me get through some trauma I’ve been dealing with for years. As for my business he helped me with the numbers and how to achieve goals and dreams by simply breaking down day by day tasks in order to get there! I couldn’t be more appreciative of what he did for me! He really takes him time with you and literally breaks things down step by step and helps you really dive deep into yourself to help you solve your struggles with tools that will last a lifetime! Don’t wait to take the leap!! The single greatest asset you can invest in is yourself!



Cape Giraradeau, Mo


As a 45 year old stay at home mom embarking on a cross-country move, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. After speaking to Alex a for a couple weeks I started to realize there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He gave me the confidence I needed to move forward, but more than that he gave me the tools I needed to make some real changes. Small but consistent changes that were totally do-able. I cannot tell you how valuable his advice and care has been to me. What I can tell you is he has such a giving heart he genuinely wants to help, and he does.



Runaway Bay, TX


Alex has a unique way of helping me to see things more clearly. From meditation to one on one conversation, I’ve been able to quiet my mind to see what direction I should be going in with my career. During this time where so much is uncertain, I’ve been able to start a business and rediscover a love of painting. Both are moving in a positive direction. These are things I’ve sat on for many years prior to working with Alex. By changing things, I’m not only in a better place, but also in a very happy place in my life.

Kenner, LA


Alex helps to open up my mind to endless possibilities! He teaches that all situations have different aspects and it is only through the lens of your choosing that you will see it! Alex gives 100% and in turn I can give 100% to myself and upgrade my life!


Westlake, Ohio

A year and a half ago I had my life turned completely upside down.  I lost everything I had ever truly wanted, ripped from me with pure prejudice. I had hit rock bottom, self esteem shattered, inner thoughts poisoned, and left empty and lost. I turned to God and realized how blessed I truly was because I had been given a best friend that in my darkest hour helped guide me to a better place, a better existence,  and a more positive inner voice.

Thank you Alex Ramer, through your advice and teachings of meditation you have given me the tools to move my life forward and up. Your patience and perseverance are truly tested and you had risen above and helped me deliver a better life and a higher self worth. You are a sturdy rock for a person to cling onto in a ocean of chaos. You helped me find my footing and pointed me in the direction of land once again. You where there standing behind me as I took those steps to find a better way of life. Always there with words of encouragement as I learned to stand on my own and never give up on what was important, me.

I now carry these tools that where passed on to me to live a genuine life of peace and happiness no matter how rocky and uneven the path might be. Thank you.


Sincerely David

Amarillo, TX


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