Resilience! Rebirth! Triumph! 

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Embrace The Change!

When your world comes crashing down, you have a chance to do something you couldn’t have done before, rise above it and grow in ways you never imagined. You can only be reborn if you’ve known what it feels like to watch your reality burn to the ground.


This means your story could be called one of “Resilience” or “Rebirth” or even “Triumph.” It’s the story of the phoenix. Great pain brings about great change!  I have been there and I have risen from the ashes of divorce, addiction, thoughts of giving up and hopelessness, failure in business and relationships!


I know firsthand what it feels like and If you need an extra spark of life today schedule a session with me to tell your story. My mess is my message and I have the tools to help you rise from the ashes and be your highest self.


“Here in this suffering, all previous beliefs are called into question. They are consumed in the fire sparked and fueled by our own illusion. The pain becomes the ashes we are now entombed in. It is only when we find ourselves at this most imprisoned of junctures that we emerge again, the phoenix of our very life which is ever so much more beautiful than the last one.” — TEAL