Resilience! Rebirth! Triumph! 

My Prime Light Experience

As I reflect on my experience with meditation in general, I am seeing that it has been a love hate relationship over the years. I bought the books and watched the videos to tried to learn what was the correct way to meditate. I found myself very frustrated at times because I was not able to get the results that the book, video, or Guru was telling me all about. In the beginning, the ability to “clear my mind” and have NO thoughts was impossible it seemed. That frustration led me to not want to meditate and believing that maybe I was not able. I would really throw myself at it for weeks at a time with poor results. So, I would continue my search and move on to the next book, video, and/or Guru in search of the method that would work for me.
After years of on and off again searching, the universe then delivered on my goal and journey! Then, entered this beautifully bald and bearded man, Jesse Elder and a thing called Prime Light meditation. When I went through my first prime light video, I knew this was the one for me. You see Prime Light meditation didn’t tell me I had to “Clear my mind”, that impossible skill that all the other methods said was “the way” and only way to get results! I found that this was something I could embrace and really commit to practicing. Little did I know that twenty minutes a day would bring about the changes that it has.
I made a game out of the mind over body exercise. Learning that I could indeed resist the body’s prompts to scratch that itch, readjust my legs, or to clear my throat. I really wanted to experience this Alpha drop that he was describing. Then it happened! I became aware that I could no longer tell if my hands were touching each other or if my legs were crossed or uncrossed. I was completely in my mind and separated from the feelings and signals of my body. Almost immediately after the Alpha drop, I start to see a kaleidoscope of colors that flow in and out opening my mind the images that would follow.
After the first week of practice I found that I was getting really good at following the map that Jesse laid out for the meditation. The frustration was gone because I was not trying to “Clear my mind” and with the map I could guide my mind and thoughts in such a way that it was easy and effortless. I could take my mind to places that were longing to get out and free in the world for me to create! I have found an appreciation for the Prime light mediation the process and am applying it daily.
Now, with years of practice under my belt, I see the true benefits of applying this practice of meditation to my life. I have better regulation of my emotions, am generally happier, more focused, and positive. Above all, I am radically present for all those in my life and clear to feel the emotions that accompany any situation. My children and friends have seen and commented on how I am a different person. Daily Prime Light Meditation has fundamentally change how I show up in this life. I have found the control over my mind that all the other meditations had spoken to. I didn’t need to clear my mind at all. I needed to set it free to dream, feel and create the life I was meant to have!
Thank you, Jesse Elder, for opening up the universe that exists in my mind and connecting me to the free flow of true creativity, mind mastery and peace!

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